Who is Kamala Harris? She is a symbol of Strong Women who made it in the US Political battle. What we actually know is that Kamala is a Democratic vice-presidential nominee for the 2020 election. 

These days, journalists have been bringing up Harris’ style into perspective and we’re talking more precisely about her accessories.

Yes, PEARLS. She wears Pearl accessories literality at every event possible. It is no secret that pearls are Kamala’s signature accessory. But the question is why? Is there a stand she’s taking? Is there a story behind it?

Indeed, A story alright.

To start, for most women: Pearls represent refinement and wisdom

For Harris, it’s a liaison to her sorority sisters “The strand of pearls speaks to solidarity among the members,” Pearls have long been a statement piece of the first historically Black Greek sorority and its founders and Harris chose to honor her sisterhood Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, which is still supporting her through her political parcour.

Beyond the fact that pearls are timeless and classic, it seems Sen. Harris wears them as a way to always keep her pledge to her historic sisterhood with her throughout her life.


Written By “AZULA”