9-10mm Tahitian Pearl 18k Gold


Tahitian Pearl, 18k Gold

9-10 mm AAA Natural Tahitian Pearl

18k Gold Necklace

What are Tahitian Pearls? 

Tahitian pearls are the most exotic of all pearl types. They’re found on the volcanic atolls of french Polynesia. Nothing quite matches their natural dark hues, and their combination with 18 k gold will make you look dazzling.
Nothing has been sacrificed in terms of quality. The pearl bears a AAA rating, the highest. The sleek, elegant necklace is 18K gold, and perfectly frames the deep, dark, exotic pearl.
Tahitian pearls, just a short time ago, would have been affordable for only the wealthiest people in the world. They are still among the most valuable and cherished, and fortunately with our Farm suppliers we made Tahitian pearls at all reach.


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