Agate Pearl Ring


Natural Agate, Natural Pearls, 925 Silver

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Natural Agate

Natural Pearl

Shape: Near Round

Pearl Size: 3-4mm

Pearl Luster: Very Good

Color: White

Pearl Surface: Few Flaws

Material: 925 silver


Maintenance of 925 sterling silver and freshwater pearls

  • 925 sterling silver: It does not fade, but will oxidize. Avoid Sweat because it contains acidic substances, which can also cause silver jewelry to turn black, so silver jewelry can be worn in the bath and water can wash away the sweat. When you’re not wearing the jewelry for a long time, wash it away with water, dry the jewelry cloth, and keep it sealed! 
  • Freshwater pearls: pearls are afraid of chemicals, detergents, oily fumes, high temperature, and sweat, so you can use a jewelry cloth to wipe off the grease and sweat on the surface of the pearl.


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