• Freshwater pearls typically range in size from 2 mm to 12 mm, though occasionally some larger sizes can be found. Freshwater pearls below 7 mm are considered small in size. Typically the larger the freshwater pearl the more difficult it is to find a round, lustrous pearl in that size. This is especially the case in pearls over 10 mm in size. 
  • Akoya Pearls range in size from as small as 4 mm to as large as 10 mm.
  • South Sea pearls dominate among pearl types when it comes to size, and are generally found between 8 mm and 18 mm, though some pearls can be found as large as 20 mm. 


SIZE MATTERS, this is especially true for pearls. Most importantly, the size of the pearls, and of the piece, need to match your needs 

Pearls in the 6-7mm range are best suited for younger ladies. The most popular sizes for women are in the 7-8 and 8-9mm ranges and, if you decide on going exotic with Tahitian pearls, the most popular sizes are around 10mm