As one of Nature’s most fascinating and desired works of art, a pearl starts out as a tiny bead within an oyster or mollusk, around which many layers must form. Pearls acquire their beauty and luster only through the passage of time, which is why they have become a legendary symbol of wisdom. An interesting fact which many folk may be unaware of, is that all pearls in today’s commercial market are cultured in oysters and are grown on Pearl Farms.


Sustainable Pearl Farming replaced this industry AND saved the world’s pearl oyster populations from extinction, thus enhancing, encouraging and maintaining compromised eco-systems. On the other hand, the term “Cultured Pearls” refers to what are still REAL pearls, which come from an oyster or mollusk that’s been cultivated and farmed on a Pearl Farm.

These Cultured Pearls are formed in exactly the same way as they do in nature, with the only human intervention being to stimulate the oyster to start the pearl creation process. Cultured Pearls are therefore completely pure, as if Mother Nature herself made them.

Therefore, the reason “You Want Cultured Pearls” is because so many first time buyers think cultured means fake and so they ask for Natural Pearls. We want you to understand that ALL fine jewelry companies deal in Cultured Pearls. When you buy Cultured Pearls, you’re assured of absolute PURITY and QUALITY, plus you have a wide selection of stunning varieties to choose from. And because Cultured Pearls are far more readily available than their rarer Natural cousins, they’re way more affordable too!


There are four common types of Cultured Pearls, and type definitely makes a big difference.

They are the up-and-coming favorite variety among pearl lovers and pearl connaisseurs alike. Freshwater Pearls of today now rival high-quality Akoya Pearls for their color, luster and round shapes. 
A Z U L A offers a full selection of Freshwater Pearls in sizes ranging from as small as 3 mm, to Baroques as large as 12 mm.

Described as the most classic of Pearls. Akoya Pearls were the first variety of pearl to be commercially grown by Kokichi Mikimoto in the early 20th century. They’re known for their perfectly round shapes, brilliant white bodycolor, and mirror-like luster. 

South Sea Pearls are among the most valuable of all pearls cultured today. They are farmed primarily in Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines. They are the largest type of pearl, growing in the giant Pinctada maxima, or South Sea Pearl oyster. They’re either white or a warm gold .They’re a symbol of success and achievement.

The most exotic of all pearl types are the pearls grown on the volcanic atolls of French Polynesia. These Tahitian Pearls are often referred to as Black Pearls, but, in reality, Tahitian Pearls grow in nearly every color, from white to jet black.  Baroque and drop strands created from Tahitian Pearls are perfect for someone who wants a UNIQUE necklace that can never be replicated.